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Good to know

Good to know about working abroad in the Netherlands

Working in another country is a big decision which should not be taken lightly. Another country with their own culture and way of life is a big deal and you should really think about this before getting in the bus or plane to work abroad.

However, we can assure you that you are not the first one to go to work there. Many others are already working abroad. In the Netherlands there are approximately 750.000 workers from other countries. Some already live in the Netherlands, where others travel on fixed travel schemes between their home country and their work. This is not for nothing. There are some things that make working in the Netherlands very interesting:


In the Netherlands there is a minimum wage of € 12,12 (as per 2023) per worked hour for everyone over 21 years old. As per 2024 it will be € 13,27  per worked hour. The average net wage for 4 weeks of 40 hours is between € 1.200,- and € 1.450,- paid to your bank account. The costs of taxes, health insurance and housing is in that case already deducted from the paycheck.

Work regulations

There are several controlling institutions to regulate working with foreign workers for employment agencies. There is an institution (NEN-4400) to make sure that everyone is paid a fair salary. Meaning that a worker should earn the same as a native Dutch worker doing the same job. All our clients do possess such a certificate. 

SNF certificates

There is also a government institution to check whether the living conditions of foreign workers is according to regulations. We from EuroWorks only work with agencies which have those so called SNF certificates for the housing of their employees.

Health insurance

When working in the Netherlands you are obligated to have a health insurance. This is taken care for by the employer you work for. The costs of such an insurance are in most cases deducted from the paycheck.


Housing of foreign employees is taken care of by the employment agencies. In most cases you will live with other workers for the same company. The costs of housing are in most cases deducted from the paycheck.

Fiscal rulings

There are some interesting fiscal rulings in the Netherlands for foreign workers.

But with all this it is very important to keep in mind that:

Salary is mostly paid every 4 weeks, in some cases earlier but this is the most common payment period. So when you come to work in the Netherlands, make sure that you have enough money to provide your basic needs for the first weeks since payment will be later.

If for some reason there is no match between you and the work that is offered, make sure that you always have enough money to get back home. The recruiters from EuroWorks can in most cases provide you with another job in The Netherlands but we cannot guarantee that.