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Frequently asked questions

FAQ about working in the Netherlands

Working abroad is a big decision. It is understandable that you still have some questions. Below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions. Do you have any other questions? Then please contact us.

1. Do I have to pay an administration fee to apply?

No, applying for a job at EuroWorks is completely free of charge so there are no administration fees.

2. Do you need a bank account number?

Yes, a bank account is mandatory to come and work in the Netherlands. You can apply for a bank account quickly and easily via Revolut.

3. How does leaving to the Netherlands work?

When you have been accepted to come to Holland, the recruiter or you can contact a bus/transport company. We would like to hear when you expect to arrive and will communicate this to your future employer. We will then give you an arrival address. The transport is at all times at your expense.

4. Are work clothes and personal equipment given?

Work clothes and other supplies needed to do the work are being provided by the employer for a small fee (deducted from the employees first salary).

5. How many hours is a workday?

A full workday consists of 8 workhours.

6. How many hours is the work week?

In a workweek 40 workhours are guaranteed.

7. Do you rest in the weekends?

Working as a job agency employee means that you work throughout the week in a work schedule. Most of the work is being done during weekdays Mon-Fri. Of course this depends on the type of work, possible overtime and demands of the employer.

8. Is overtime at worker’s request? Or by order of the supervisor?

The possibility of overtime is given by the employer (job agency). A employee is always free to accept or decline the possibility of working the available overtime.

9. How much % higher is the overtime pay?

Minimum 25%. This depends on the CLA of the workplace and the time of day that the overtime is being made.

10. Is there a limit to how many hours of overtime per month is allowed?

There is no limit on the amount of overtime. Overtime is available every week but not guaranteed.

11. Does the employee pay penalties if he breaks the rules and more specifically the laws?

Everybody is responsible for his own private actions. When laws are broken the authorities will be called.

12. On which day of the month is payment made? Is the whole salary paid in Euros or part in other valuta?

Salary payments are made every 4 weeks around the middle of the week. The exact date is nationally pre-determined and a copy of the dates is available at the employer. Workers receive a €100 advance every week until they receive their first full paycheck.

13. Who can apply?

Only EU citizens can apply for a job at EuroWorks.